So Just Who Am I, Anyways?

I’m the one who’s writing this blog, dummy.  Your lovely little domesticated goth girl.  But I suppose you may wish to know more.  Perhaps afterwards, you’ll wish you hadn’t asked.

I am, as I am, a pink-haired, apartment-dwelling, ass-kicking twenty-something with a BA in Theatre an an interest in almost everything.  I’m egotistical enough to think that you care, and jaded enough to know that you don’t.  I’m bipolar, bisexual, and often accused of being bitter.  I live with a fraidy-cat named Guen and a dorky-cat named Heidi, a California kingsnake named Penelope, a lavender cornsnake named Daedalus, his lady-friend butter cornsnake Hypatia, and two leopard geckos: Lord Ivan the Not-So Terrible, and his lovely consort Adrasteia.  I production manage a theatre company, work as a short-term contract techie, model, and attempt to maintain a social life.  I love food, cook fabulously, live in the city even though I can’t stand it, enjoy cold weather better than hot, and have a seemingly endless well of nervous energy that drives me to maintain more hobbies than should be physically possible.  I don’t sleep much, but when I do it’s usually daylight.  And, of course, I’m happiest when naked — draw conclusions from that as you will.


3 Responses to “So Just Who Am I, Anyways?”

  1. Ann Lewis Says:

    I happened on your blog from some of the comments you left on the GWS comic current story arc. Interesting and thought provoking writing, I shall be reading more.

    Very nice Etsy shop, too! A quick question regarding beads – as you work in the biz, and are in TO, do you know of any place where one can get bellydance coins and bells in the GTA? I make my own costumes, but I’m always leery of buying online, I like to see & touch before I buy, and all the beads place I know do just the traditional beads.


    • Thanx! I really need to update my Etsy shop — I’ve been having a creative drought, beading-wise — but I’m glad that it still entices.

      I’m not sure of any particular stores carrying bellydance coins and such, as they’re not a finding I use myself, but Arton Beads (on Queen West, just west of Spadina) carries a huge variety of metal findings and charms at pretty low prices, so that would be my first stop. There are a few other bead shops on the same block (between Spadina and Bathurst), so if you can’t find them there, they’re likely available in the neighborhood. Make sure the label says lead-free (most findings are, these, days, but some of the stuff coming out of China and India is still suspect).

  2. Ann Lewis Says:

    Thanks! That’s the best lead (pun not intended) I’ve had! The net is well and good, but google does not replace a live person that knows what you’re talking about!

    The style I do is mostly American Tribal, so as long as it’s metal, potentially tarnished, with strong hints of goth, I’ll be happy. 🙂 I’m debating doing a copper set with my penny jars at this point, probably cheaper than buying the fake coins!

    Thanks again.

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