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Poetic Allusions: A Call for Submissions!

Posted in Poetic Allusions with tags , , , , , , , , on June 28, 2011 by KarenElizabeth

My lovely little domesticated goth people:  I’m working on a new project!  Poetic Allusions is a poetry zine and blog, with the zine to be printed bi-monthly and the blog to be updated at least once a week (hopefully more than that, once I get other people submitting things, but for now I’m aiming for a once-weekly post because I think that I can keep that pace up pretty well).

If any of you have an interest in poetry, I encourage you to please check it out, and I especially encourage submitting your poetry or blog post ideas!  Submissions are open to absolutely anyone.  You can be an established and published writer or a raw beginner.  You can be from Canada or from South Africa.  You can be a girl, a boy, or something that completely defies categorization.  This whole project is about fostering and encouraging a poetic community, and so I’m coming at it with open arms to welcome all comers.

More information about submitting is available at the Poetic Allusions blog.  Poetry submissions must be received by July 10th at the latest in order to be considered for printing in the first issue, but anything after that date can still be considered for publication in the blog, or in the September issue, so don’t feel rushed.  I’m hoping that this will be something that will carry on for many years, so you should have plenty of chances to submit (but don’t wait too long, as I do need lots of interest to really get this kick-started!)

Please share the link around to anyone else who you think might be interested! is the place to go!