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Good Times with Guen and Wicker

Posted in Animalia, Ramblings with tags , , , , , on April 11, 2010 by KarenElizabeth

So my roommate moved out yesterday, taking his cat and his share of the menagerie with him.  I therefore had to spend the whole night listening to my cat, Guen, crying and trying to find her lost friend (not Kenneth, of course  — she doesn’t trust any human that isn’t me — but the big, fuzzy kitten who she’s spent the last year tormenting, Wicker).  Despite my assurances that yes, we will go to visit Wicker soon, and no, he’s not stuck somewhere that he can’t get out of, she was somewhat inconsolable.  Rather funny, considering how much she objected to having another cat around back when we first moved into this place.

So because I feel bad for my little girl, this post is just going to be cute pictures of the two of them.

This was pretty much Guen’s initial attitude towards Wicker and his kitteny-ness.  Truly unimpressed — both with him, and with me for bringing her to a place that had another cat.

Wicker seemed pretty much oblivious to the animosity — he was much too busy getting into everything he could get his paws on.

Battles ensued over the ownership of the toybox …

And over the various cat-beds placed strategically around the house (as a side-note, notice how nice the carpet on the cat tree still looks at this point, only a month or so after moving in … that would rapidly change with the two of them battling their way up and down the thing).

But eventually Guen decided that the comfier bottom-bunk was her favourite, and left Wicker to the ownership of the top one.

Wicker also took ownership of the majestic Blanket Castle …

Which Guen clearly thought was rather silly.

But since it was obvious that Wicker was not going to try to steal me away from her (he’s far too enamoured of Kenneth, and I find him much too stupid to be properly catlike), she eventually decided to accept him.

I guess we’ll have to go visit soon.