Everybody Dies! The Musical

So you may have noticed a lack of activity here in recent weeks.  My apologies about that.  Between work, trying to get a new jewelry line ready to launch, making my sister’s graduation present in time for when she starts university in less than a month, working on a lighting design for a musical, and social-life-ness, writing posts has fallen a bit behind in the “importance” list.

I suppose you spotted “working on a lighting design for a musical” in the above list, and that’s what this particular post is about.  If you’re in Toronto and have a free night coming up, I suggest checking it out (warning, the website has music that plays automatically).  It’s the preview performance of a new horror musical with a sort of Sweeny Todd/ Nightmare Before Christmas/ Rocky Horror/ Terry Gilliam feel.  We open Thursday night at the Poor Alex theatre, just west of Dundas and Bathurst.  It’s just a preview performance — a few scenes and songs from the final thing, which goes up in the early spring, plus the “Shameless Showcase”, a collection of other artists and musical acts that will be taking part in the entertainment.  The tech might be a little slapped together (we only have one evening to do it in, really, plus a few hours right before the show opens), but I’ve got it planned out pretty well and I think it should come off decently, if not seamlessly.  And the actors are a good bunch, with some very talented singers among them, so they should cover whatever technical deficiencies I may be supplying.  Unlike some shows I’ve had the misfortune of working on in the past, I actually seem to get along well with everyone involved in the production and there haven’t been any massive personality or artistic clashes … at least, none that I’ve had to deal with.  The writer/director’s a cool guy who I’d definitely work with again, and the stage manager shares my sense of humor, so we’ve had a pretty good time so far.  The venue managers are a bit difficult to deal with at times, but I think I may be putting too many expectations upon them … they’re really not that experienced, and I’m still a bit spoiled from having so many highly experienced professionals around while I was at school.

Anywhos.  The show opens Thursday, and it doesn’t cost much to come.  The venue is licensed, so even if my lights totally suck you’ll be able to drink until you can tell me with a straight face that you liked them.  And I’m sure it would make everybody involved very happy if we could have some nice, full houses.  Success at the preview will make it that much easier to set a decently sized budget for the real thing, which would be a really nice change for me after working on mostly low-to-no-budget stuff since leaving university (and even while I was at university, we never seemed to have enough money to put on what we wanted).  See my previous rant about arts funding for my opinion on that particular beast.


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