Shameless Promotion: InspiraTO Festival

So for those of you in Toronto, this week marks the start of the InspiraTO festival of 10 minute plays.  Why do I announce this, you ask?  Because I happen to be the assistant stage manager of the festival, and so I’d be happy to see very full houses for every show.  It’s not my artistic creation in any way (I’m just helping things run without a hitch), but I’m still part of it and I want it to go well.  Most of the plays are by Canadian artists, and I’m sure you all know by now how I’m all about supporting your local arts community.

[Sunday Night Edit]:

Just got back from the first tech day, and wow, it feels SO amazing to be backstage again, on a show with serious theatre people.  It’s like re-entering my natural habitat after being away for a year (the show last October doesn’t really count since it was such a miserable failure and had such miserable people involved).

The shows look really great so far, and that’s with the tech only half-done, so I’m definitely redoubling my encouragement for everyone who’s able to go out and see them.


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