Showboating: Ugh!

I really enjoy watching the Olympics.  It’s not often that you get to see so many athletes of such a high caliber competing — especially not in so many different events.  The level of competition is just awesome, and the victories are quite often stupendous.

What I don’t enjoy is those athletes who feel the need to dance around and play to the crowd — especially those who do it BEFORE their event.  I can understand some high emotions and cheering after you’ve just done the best ski run of your life; go ahead and cheer.  But what I’m talking about is crap like this (note that this video isn’t actually from the Olympics, but he was pulling the same stuff before his races in Vancouver — I just can’t find decent video):

Speed skater Mika Poutala (who also happens to be both a preacher and a rapper, two of my most detested professions) looks to me like more of a world-class douchebag than a world-class skater.  Fortunately he’s failed to get medals in both the 500m and the 1000m, so all of his hot-dogging just makes him look silly.  But I have to wonder — just how many people out there actually think that this sort of behaviour is okay?

Especially at a competition like the Olympics, which is supposed to promote international relations, showboating is just plain rude.  When you’re already at the top of your sport, it comes off as arrogant.  And if you’re not at the top of your sport, then you’re just a dick who wants more attention.  Olympic competitors should be downplaying their own importance and focusing on representing their country.  If we’re judging countries by the athletes they put forwards, Poutala’s just succeeded in making Finland look like a country of arrogant douchebags.

I sincerely hope that his coach took him down a few pegs for behaving so immaturely, but I doubt it … he obviously does this sort of crap all the time, so he’s probably being encouraged in it.  It’s really too bad that in Olympic competitions they don’t dock points for unsportsmanlike conduct.


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